Green Pesto

Mix with olive oil for use as a dressing with salad or pasta or use it as an ingredient in a wide variety of dishes where the distinct flavour of Pesto will appropriately enhance the recipe. A little goes a long way.

Green Pesto


Sunflower oil, basil, cashew nutes, whey, rice flour, salt, cheese (milk, salt, rennet, natural flavours), garlic, wine vinegar, fructose, natural flavours, acidity correctors: lactic acid E270, citric acid E330.

Shelf life and Storage:

Temperature of storage: ambient.
Shelf life: 24 months unopened.
Refrigerate opened jars and consume in 4 weeks.


one potato
400 g linguine
one jar or tube “Green Pesto”
Basil and pine nuts to garnish


Peel and dice one potato, and boil it in salted water. Cook linguine in the same water. Use a little of the water to thin “Gia Green Pesto” to the right consistency to dress the pasta.
Drain linguine, then dress with pesto and diced potato, mix and serve.
Garnish with one basil leave and a few pine-nuts.