Sun Dried Tomato
GIA - Condimenti pronti nel tubetto - Sun Dried Tomato

A delightful twist on a traditional recipe. Real sun dried tomatoes combined with the classic ingredients of puree to create a paste that will add a unique flavour to meat, vegetables, pasta, casseroles and sauces.

Rehydrated sun dried tomatoes (65% origin UE/not UE), sunflower oil, water, extra virgin olive oil, wine vinegar, salt, hot chillies, oregano, garlic, capers.
Gluten Free. Product in a factory that uses nuts and cheese.

Shelf life and Storage:
Temperature of storage: ambient.
Shelf life: 24 months unopened.
Refrigerate after opening tubes and consume in 4 weeks.

Packaging information

Net weight: 80 g.
Primary packaging: Aluminium tube in box

Secondary packaging: n°12 tubes tear off outer carton.
Gross weight: 1,20 kg
Dimension: cm 23 x 8,5 x 20 (height)

Pallet dimensions: cm 80 x 120 x 180 (height) Gross weight: 445 kg
n° 44 cartons/layer - max n°8 layers
Pallet dimensions: cm 100 x 120 x 180 (height)
Gross weight: 580 kg
n° 58 cartons/layer - Max n°8 layers

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Pizza with sun dried tomato and buffalo milk mozzarella


1 kg flour
25 g yeast
olive oil
Tomato purée
Mozzarella cheese made from buffalo milk
“Sun Dried Tomato Pasta”

Make the pizza dough: mound 1 kg flour, and dissolve 25 g yeast, a pinch of sugar and a pinch of salt in a glass of lukewarm water; add a little olive oil and pour over the mound. Knead together, adding about half a litre of water and any extra flour that may be required. Set dough aside to rise for at least three hours, then roll it out to the desired thickness. Dress the pizza: flavour tomato purée with olive oil and salt, then spread over pizza. Add “Sun Dried Tomato Pasta” here and there on the pizza, then top with slices of drained buffalo milk mozzarella. Bake at 180°C until ready – the amount of time depends on the thickness of the dough.

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