Anchovy paste

Gourmet quality, pure and simple. The easiest way to add the special flavour that anchovy brings to a host of recipes ranging from salad dressings to seafood sauces, compound butters, and even meat dishes.

Anchovies (67% origin UE), salt, sunflower oil.
Gluten Free.

Shelf life and Storage:
Temperature of storage: ambient.
Shelf life: 24 months unopened.
Refrigerate after opening tubes and consume in 4 weeks.

Packaging information

Net weight: 60 g.
Primary packaging: Aluminium tube in box

Secondary packaging: n°12 tubes tear off outer carton.
Gross weight: 1,00 kg
Dimension: cm 23 x 8,5 x 19,5 (height)

Pallet dimensions: cm 80 x 120 x 180 (height) Gross weight: 355 kg
n° 44 cartons/layer - max n°8 layers

Pallet dimensions: cm 100 x 120 x 180 (height) Gross weight: 480 kg
n° 58 cartons/layer - Max n°8 layers

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Bruschetta with anchovies and white onions


White onion
Olive oil
White wine vinegar
“Anchovy Pasta”

Slice bread (preferably Tuscan bread). Rub with a little garlic if desired, then toast in a frying pan or under the grill. In the meantime, slice a white onion into thin slices. Heat a little olive oil in a frying pan and sauté the onion, adding a little white wine vinegar. Spread anchovy pasta over bread slices and add slices of onion.

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